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>> wow. what a great way to end this -- chasing away the bad omens for the new year. as we celebrate the lunar new year. the year of the snake and a gorgeous picture here live on post street in san francisco. doesn't get much better than that. this event -- >> 201 feet of good wishes. >> that's my favorite part of the whole parade is seeing that with the lights down and all the lights -- gorgeous. >> we have such a good time sell grating the year of the year -- celebrating the year of the snake and we're out of time now. >> we will see you next year for the year of the horse. >> gung hay fat choy and good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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f0 cops screaming and banging on doors. i'm still scared. an apartment fire in san francisco leaves dozens of people without homes. what authorities say caused the blaze. pope benedict xvi delivers his final sunday blessing. what he had to say to thousands at st. peter square. an historic day at the daytona 500. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> and hello, everyone. i'm heather holmes. dozens of people are figuring out their next steps tonight after a fast-moving fire tore through their apartment
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building in san francisco. kara is live at the scene and tells us it was police officers who first spotted the smoke. >> reporter: that's right. the officers were headed to another call when they saw smoke coming from this apartment building. just a few hours ago, this entire intersection was shut down. right now you can see a red cross truck parked out front. volunteers are helping those displaced by the fire. some 40 people were forced to evacuate the five--story apartment building just before noon. >> cops screaming and banging on doors. we told them we were coming, and they're saying, no, now, now, now! we're trying to throw on clothes. i'm still scared. >> reporter: raul and kristin say they didn't have time to find a pet carrier. >> we stuffed tomas in a sack and we went running out. he was in the shower. we threw on clothes and here we
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are. >> pretty scary. really scary. but i'm glad we made it, you know. nothing happened. i guess nobody is hurt. >> reporter: emergency crews got a jump-start evacuating folks because two officers driving by saw the smoke and called for more help. >> a lot of young families so we assisted in getting everyone out of the building. >> reporter: firefighters say the two-alarm fire starts at the taqueria downstairs. >> turned out it was grease in the restaurant that extended up the floors, got into eight apartments. >> reporter: alberto perez was working at the taqueria's kitchen. he told us in spanish that he tried to put out the flames but there was too much smoke. due to water and fire damage, eight families can't go back to their apartments. the red cross is putting them up for at least a few nights. dozens of others are still without water and power, but the hope is utilities will be back on by early evening.
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live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. six people are without a home tonight after a fire spread through two other apartment buildings in san francisco last night. flames broke out around 11:30 p.m. on haight street in the city's lower haight neighborhood. when crews arrived, they realized the fire was intensifying. >> it went to a second alarm, because buildings on both sides were threatened. in total, three units, two in the original building, one in the enclosure, were heavily damaged and are unoccupiable. >> nobody was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but fire officials tell us it does not appear to be suspicious. police today recovered a body that was found in the oakland estuary. authorities say an anonymous caller notified police of the body just before 2:30 this afternoon. it was found near the boat docks. investigators and crime scene technicians processed the scene. they say the body was in a
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state of decomposition, so they were unable to tell if the body is that of a male or female. now to our continuing coverage on the resignation of pope benedict xvi. today the pontiff gave his last sunday blessing from the vatican. the pope delivered his final message from his apartment window to an estimated 100,000 people in st. peters square. he told the crowd he will take up a life of prayer and meditation to, quote, continue serving the church. benedict announced earlier this month that he will retire on february 28 due to failing health. that final blessing comes amid a sharp rebuke from the vatican over italian news reports alleging the pontiff is retiring over a gay sex scandal and the continuing child sex abuse process. one bay area monsignor even
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spoke about it during mass this morning. >> reporter: parishioners filled the cathedral for mass. lent was on the minds of many. but so was the departure of pope benedict xvi. >> i felt we really needed to be in church today and pray for the best solution for our leaders and for the pope. >> reporter: benedict cited failing health as his reason for stepping down, the first time in six centuries a pope has done so. but two major italian newspapers claim that the pontiff wanted to distance himself from an alleged network of gay priests at the vatican being blackmailed by a group of male prostitutes. >> the papers are reporting these rumors. the media realizes just how petty that kind of scandal would be. >> reporter: the vatican issued
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a rare public denial of the allegations, calling them completely false. but one vatican reporter says there may be a basis for the reports. >> the core claim of this story, that the cardinals looked into the possibility that there might be a network of gay clergy inside the vatican, to me, that passes the smell test. >> reporter: for now, many of the faithful are saying good- bye to benedict and waiting to see who will take his place. >> all the bishops and cardinals, they all have a -- picking the right person to continue to lead us in our future. >> cardinals from around the world are starting to arrive in rome to select the new pope. some of the candidates may include louis antonio from the philippines. if selected, turkson would be the first block pope in history. coming up at 5:30, we'll hear from someone who worked
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with cardinal turkson and why he thinks no major changes will be made to the catholic church right away. danica patrick making history today at daytona 500. she has inspired lots of other drivers, including some here in the bay area. patrick is showing youngster the path to nascar. hi, ken. >> reporter: well, she didn't make it to the winner's circle today, but someone argued that danica patrick has inspired others, making it more likely we'll see more women taking victory laps on the track. danica patrick made history by starting in pole position at the daytona 500. hers, a career that started on a much smaller track. >> this is how she started out. this is how it all starts out. >> reporter: jordan miller competes in the same motorsport where danica patrick got her start, cart racing. >> it's practically not a
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straightaway. >> reporter: miller was racing before patrick became a household name. but not so for the driver of cart 522. >> my dad started me go- carting. >> reporter: eight-year-old sophie races competitively. her first goal -- >> i really want to beat my brother. >> reporter: longer term, she wants to race like patrick. >> she's really good. i look up to her a lot and i want to be the first and i want to also be a nascar driver like her. >> reporter: the drivers we talked to say regardless of the outcome of today's race, there is clearly a momentum in motorsports. >> it really makes me so happy to know there are girls like her triumphing over guys. >> reporter: danica patrick has raced indy cars here in years past. it is expected she will be here this summer to compete in nascar's 350. and our sports team has all of the highlights from the daytona 500, and you will see
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them coming up a little later on in our early edition of sports wrap. fans were allowed back in the stands at the daytona speedway that were damaged yesterday in that high-speed crash. >> contact! >> the accident happened during the nationwide race. kyle larsen's car went airborne. 28 people were hurt. a hospital spokesman said two critically injured fans, one of them a child, have been upgraded, but he did not say what their conditions are right now. one injured spectator spoke to reporters on her way home from the hospital last night. >> i got hit by an engine, a part of an engine, and i got a broken leg. >> the president of the daytona international speedway said officials plan to conduct a safety review of the fencing along the stands. daytona officials said the fans today who were put back in the seats that were damaged could have switched to different ones
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if they preferred. you might have felt it in the east bay. a minor earthquake rattled folks around 1:55 this morning. it was centered three miles east-northeast of fremont. the quake had a depth of four miles. most of the bay area a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. lots of 60's on the forecast on the maps from this afternoon. take a look another the temperatures. the official high, santa rosa, 68 today. san jose, 62. and downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. latest right now in the satellite, the storm track heading way up to our north, so we have clear skies right now. they will remain in place as we head into the overnight hours and early monday morning. a bit of a breeze. here is a look at some of the current wind reports. you can see they are sustained out toward the west at 18 miles an hour. also, a westerly wind at
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oakland, 12 miles an hour. a northerly breathe toward fairfield, travis air force base, at six miles an hour. tomorrow, you definitely want to bundle up. tomorrow morning, we'll be cooler than this morning. low 30's out toward santa rosa and napa. we could have patchy fog in parts of the north bay. san jose starting out the day at 3 9 degrees. a nice recovery, back up into the upper 50's to the low to mid 60's. coming up, we'll take a look at the highs in your neighborhood and also highlight the one day we could be tracking 70-degree temperatures on our five-day forecast. from iran and the middle east, former president jimmy carter showed his thoughts to a bay area audience this afternoon. new details about the arrest of mc hammer in the east
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bay. and the newspaper report raising questions about olympic athlete oscar pistorius's relationship with his late model girlfriend.
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forper president jimmy carter spoke to a bay area audience at the commonwealth club this afternoon. the conversation covered a variety of topics, from iran's nuclear ambitions to the oscar- nominated film "argo." >> i'm gonna cover some things here that might not be popular with some of you. >> reporter: the nation's 39th president challenged the coverage to think of ways to improve it. >> since world war ii, we've been almost constantly in war. our country is now looked pop as the foremost war-like nation on earth. >> reporter: the 2002 noble peace prize winner and former navy officer says he is not a
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passafist. >> we can think of ourselves rs as a great country, and at the same time assess where we are and see if there is room for improvement. >> reporter: when it came to iran and north korea's nuclear ambitions, carter was optimistic. >> i hope we can prevent the nuclear weapons by good faith talks. >> reporter: from the historical facts of carter's presidency to hollywood fiction, president carter also gave his take on the accuracy of the film "argo." carter says some of the facts in the film are off. >> the movie role played by the american hero, he was only there a day and a half. my judgment is that 90% of the
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credit for that historic and brilliant move should have been with the canadians. aside from that, it's a vivid, wonderful film. >> reporter: carter says the film is still his top choice for best picture. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a day after finding a key piece of evidence, police in las vegas are today looking for a man suspected of killing an aspiring oakland rapper in that drive-by shooting. we first brought you the breaking news yesterday when police found the suv they say was used by the suspected gunman ammar harris. investigators say harris shot to death kenny cherry, an aspiring rapper from oakland, as he drove his maserati down a las vegas strip. two others were killed when cherry's car hit a taxi. a cab driver and a tourist were both killed. new details about the arrest of mc hammer.
5:20 pm
the singer is accusing authorities of racial profiling. officers say they stopped him for driving a car he didn't own that had expired plates. hammer aired his complaint on twitter, saying, quote, contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on probation or parole. officers say he was argumentative and refused to get out of the car. he is due in court next month. oakland raider desmond bryant faces legal trouble in florida. miami police say he showed up at a neighbor's house drunk and was causing a commotion. they arrested him on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief. his bail was set at $1,000. he's set to become an unrestricted free agent on march 12. a british newspaper is reporting new details about the relationship between olympian oscar pistorius and his late girlfriend. according to the newspaper, a friend of reeva steenkamp's
5:21 pm
father told the -- told pistorius to back off. pistorius is charged with killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. the story says he mistook steenkamp for an intruder. meantime, the oscar pistorius's attorney confirmed that his client's brother, carl pistorius, is facing culpable homicide charges. that refers to the unlawful negligent killing of another person. these charges stem from 2008 road rage accident in which a motorcyclist was killed. the charges were initially dropped but later reinstated. >> the charge will be challenged in court. >> the revelation is just the latest twist in the oscar pistorius case. last week, the lead investigator in the reeva steenkamp was replaced after news emerged that he himself
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was facing seven charges of attempted murder. those charges stem from an incident where -- [ inaudible ] john kerry makes his first trip overseas as the new secretary of state. the one thing he says he's most eager to get done. and a rare public appearance by fidel castro and the big announcement by his brother, the current president of cuba. are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class? >> the debate over sequester cuts heats up.
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toting a guitar, the new secretary of state john kerry headed to london today. this is his first trip overseas as america's chief diplomat. he is scheduled to visit nine countries over the next ten days. the focus is to find some way to end the brutal violence in syria that has killed 70,000 people in two years. kerry says he is eager to convince the new president to step down. the president of afghanistan says afghans working with u.s. troops are responsible for harassing, torturing and even killing civilians. now the president is ordering all out of one strategy province. he says all must be out of the
5:26 pm
province during two weeks. the scene is a gateway for the taliban to target kabul. president raul castro announced he will step down as president in 2018. the announcement came after the 81-year-old accepted a new five- year term as president. castro tapped his top lieutenant as first in line for succession. castro also says he hopes to establish two-term limits and age caps for political officers. his brother, former president fidel castro, received a standing ovation today during the meeting. in vietnam, at least ten people were killed after two explosions flattened a movie special effects warehouse and three nearby homes.
5:27 pm
a pyrotechnician was preparing fire and smoke effects for a local movie when the blast happened. rescue crews say they don't know if there are other victims under the rubble. and in taiwan, a celebration of lanterns to mark the new year holiday. some were traditional, such as the snake figures, to mark the year of the snake, but there are also aliens and pandas and even an angry bird. hundreds of small lanterns are released into the sky. it's beautiful. people write their names on them for good luck. ed lee says the annual new year parade is an opportunity to show off some of the largest floats in the world. another crowd favorite, these
5:28 pm
dancers performing gangnam style. police tell us there were few problems to report last night. we at ktvu channel 2 news are proud and honored to once again televise the parade live for you. members of the news team had the privilege to ride in a motorized cable car and wave to all the crowds. has lots of photos and videos from yesterday's big parade. just look under the cny parade tab on our home page. we are just five days away from the sequester cuts. how the approaching cuts have them playing the name game. and we hear from a friend of the man who could be the next pope. why he thinks no major changes will be made right away. and the new ktvu ipad app is ready to download.
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you can watch all of our newscasts live, plus get drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news, anytime, anywhere.
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we have some breaking news to tell you about out of union city. authorities say a police pursuit this afternoon ended with a crash. officers say the chase began in fremont and ended when the suspect car lost control at the union landing shopping center. that's right off 880. officers are looking for one of two suspects who were in that car. there are unconfirmed reports that one person was injured. but police have not commented
5:32 pm
on that. we have a news crew on the way and we'll bring you more information on this police chase in union city as soon as we get that information. meantime, palo alto police are investigating yet another attempted armed robbery, this time by a man on a bicycle last night. they released a color image of the suspect. here it is. police say this person approached the victim near a parking garage on webster street. the victim fought back and ran away without injury. the suspect is described as a black man in his late 20's when a burnt orange bulky jacket. police say he may be connected to three other recent armed robberies. a sacramento county man faces a number of charges after a raid on his home in search of assault weapons. deputies served an arrest warrant on 47-year-old jack holsey on friday. now, in addition to a dozen machine guns, they say they found child pornography and methamphetamine in the house. authorities are trying to determine if he was planning to
5:33 pm
sell the weapons. gun experts will be looking at them tomorrow. authorities in san joaquin county are investigating an officer-involved shooting that killed a robbery suspect. that shooting in stockton happened when two members of a gang task force stopped a driver in a silver mercedes. officers say the drive tried to run them over. they opened fire and killed the suspect, who remains unidentified tonight. they say the suspect was carrying a loaded gun in his waistband. the officers were not hurt. a memorial service was held in irvine for a young couple believed to have been the first victims of former los angeles police officer christopher dorner. man ka quan and her fiance were shot inside a car. investigators say dorner sought revenge against quan's father. today's service began at 11
5:34 pm
this morning at concordia university where the two victims had met. unless congress acts on friday, $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will hit the federal government. it will affect everything from defense spending to child care. another high stakes blame game in washington. >> reporter: there are only five days left before forced federal spending cuts go into effect. as the clock ticks down toward the march 1 deadline, the political blame game is heating up. >> i'm a republican. my audience is trying to persuade my former colleagues that they need to come to the table with a proposal, which they haven't done, while the president has, the republicans haven't. >> reporter: on saturday, the president made another plea for action, warning of cuts in education, transportation and the military, that he says would only slow the economy. president obama says the cuts don't have to happen. the problem is republicans won't compromise. >> are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they
5:35 pm
refuse to ask anything more of those at the top? >> reporter: louisiana's republican governor bobby jingle called it a political theater. >> families out there, businesses have had to tighten their belts, do more than less. we're talking about less than 3%. let's be clear about this. >> reporter: six weeks into his term as virginia senator, democrat tim cain has washington should go back to the basics. >> let's get rid of the gimmicks, get back to ordinary budgeting, just like what happens in every state capitol every year. >> reporter: senate democrats plan to vote on a measure this week to replace the cuts for another year, but with $85 billion at stake, there is still no deal in sight. more details now on how the sequester cuts will affect us right here in california. the white house today estimated that defense spending would be cut to the tune of $469 million.
5:36 pm
that includes furloughs for workers. schools would lose almost $88 million, along with the elimination of head start and work study programs. public health budgets such as child vaccines would lose $18 million. and job search programs would be cut by more than $3 million. president obama may soon have a new treasury secretary. they will vote tuesday on the nomination of former white house chief of staff jack liu. the senator said liu answered the committee's questions in a thorough manner. during his confirmation hearing, liu faced some tough questions about his time as an executive at citibank. mitt romney will give an exclusive interview an monday. he has been seen a few times since he conceded the november election, but this will be his first interview. romney also plans to speak next month at the conservative political action conference. prices at the pump continue
5:37 pm
their climb skyward. the new survey shows gas is up 20 cents over the past two weeks. the average price nationwide is now about $3.80 a gallon. here in the bay area, it's much higher. in san francisco, a gallon is now averaging $4.25 a gallon. in san jose, gas will cost you $4.17. after three fatal accidents, pg&e is boosting its safety training for workers. in march of 2010, an employee was killed while working in an underground vault. two other workers have been killed since then in other parts of the state. cal osha found several violations of safety laws. pg&e told the san francisco chronicle that since the deaths, the utility has greatly increased training and its focus on safety. u.s. justice department is negotiating with bp for a $16
5:38 pm
billion settlement that could avert a trial over the gulf oil disaster. that trial is supposed to start tomorrow, but on friday, there were reports that the justice department and the gulf states were offering bp a $16 billion deal to settle the claims. a bp official would not comment on a deal, but did say today that the company is ready for trial. the chair of the house intelligence committee is calling for a crackdown on china to stop its cyberattacks against the u.s. a report blamed the chinese mystery for stealing information from government agencies. today, congressman mike rogers of alabama called for the indictment of chinese hackers and for sanctions. he says china is not facing consequences. >> they use their military and intelligence structure to steal intellectual property from american businesses and european businesses and asian businesses, repurpose it, and
5:39 pm
then compete in the national market against the united states. >> china denies any wrongdoing. back to our continuing coverage on the selection of a new pope. cardinal peter turkson of ghana is considered one of the top contenders. one book maker has him as the favorite. if he is selected, he would be the first black pope and a rare non-european. new york physician dr. joe marada is a friend of his. >> he has told me that i need to understand that the church is thousands of years old, that change and adoption of new ideas in the church, by necessity, takes place very,
5:40 pm
very slowly. >> turkson is the president of the pontifical council of justice and peace at the vatican and is considered a close advisor and confident to pope benedict xvi. officers say they saw several drug deals and people selling alcohol at miller park, located just across the street from brownville academy middle school. police say they arrested several people, including a convicted felon accused of buying drugs. they say they plan to have more enforcement at this park. a new report says thousands of california parolees are removing their gps monitors. authorities issued more than 3400 warrants since october 2011 for convicts who have tampered with their gps monitors. high-risk sex offenders are
5:41 pm
supposed to wear the tracking devices for life. fans of the kings are trying to keep the basketball team in the state capitol. the mayor is asking the city council to start negotiations for a downtown sports and entertainment center. sacramento has been fighting off for a group of seattle investors to move the team there. still to come, the storm warning keeping many people indoors today. and much warmer here in the bay area. mark tamayo tells us what you can expect for your workweek, just ahead. well, well, well.
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a large part of the country is feeling a blast of winter
5:44 pm
today. this is what it looked like in denver just this morning. that region has been under a winter storm warning all day with lots of heavy snow. the national weather service says this area could get a foot of snow. officials are warning people to drive only if it's an emergency. the weather is also causing headaches for air travelers. at least 200 flights out of denver international airport have been cancelled. >> as we sit outside with our sunglasses on and the iced tea, we feel so sorry for those folks. temperatures today warmer than yesterday. get ready for a beautiful sunset. here's our live camera looking out toward the bay. the sunset time officially at 5:59. just beautiful out there, with temperatures maxing out right around 60 to 65 across parts of the bay area. and we will be warming things up a little more later in the week. as far as right now, you can see the clear skies up above. the storm track, the high clouds way up to our north,
5:45 pm
toward eureka, southern oregon. nothing but the clear conditions and temperatures beginning to cool off a little bit. still a few low 60's out toward fairfield and antioch. downtown san jose, 59. san francisco, 56 degrees at last check. forecast, for tonight, we'll stick with clear skies. for monday, a cold start but still more sunshine. a dry weather forecast. the key headline is temperatures will be warming up even more so as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. here's the overall weather setup in the pacific. we have a cold front. but it's just falling apart out here in the pacific. high pressure is in command of our dry weather pattern. more sunshine for your monday. as this high builds, for thursday and friday, look what happens. temperatures on track to reach the upper 60's to lower 70's. friday, march 1, we could be there, around 70 to 72 on t
5:46 pm
friday. we'll cool things off a little bit for the upcoming weekend but still very warm temperatures. it will feel very strange for this time of year to be talking about low 70's once again. here's our forecast model showing you the rainfall heading way up to our north into monday, tuesday, wednesday. just a few high close approaching the bay area. probably the next big thing will be by the weekend as we thicken up the high clouds. but notice, still no raindrops in our forecast. maybe later in march, by the end of the first week, we could be tracking a few more rain chances, but still no strong potent storms showing up just yet. tomorrow we'll have more clear conditions. and temperatures once again approaching the low to mid 60's. these numbers, the forecast highs, not a big change from today's levels. oakland tops out at 63, san jose 63. and these temperatures will check in right about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. downtown san francisco just beautiful, warming up to 60 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five-
5:47 pm
day forecast. just some patchy morning fog for tuesday and wednesday. we say hello to march 1 on friday. with the weekend, we'll cool things off just a bit. but heather and ken, it will feel like spring over the next few days. >> march is coming in like a lamb, not a lion. >> like a little tiny kitty cat. the san francisco orchid society is wrapping up a four- day event. it was the orchid exposition which is billed as the largest in the u.s. the show features 150,000 plants from around the globe. a man known as the orchid doctor talked to us about what makes orchids so special. >> within one family, you have plants that occupy every possible ecological niche. and they're ubiquitous all over the world. they have more species than any
5:48 pm
other family. they're the top of the line. >> in addition to plant sales, the event features demonstrations, a silent auction, music, and wine tasting. >> every orchid i've ever had has died, so obviously i'm not doing something right. and an historic day at daytona. danica patrick makes nascar history. sports wrap is next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.
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that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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good evening, everyone. welcome to this early sunday
5:51 pm
night edition of sports wrap. a lot of news made by danica patrick, the most successful woman in the history of the daytona 500. when the dust settled, it was the five-time sprint cup champion who won the event. danica patrick was the center of attention before the race and even part of a special call by actor james franco. >> drivers, and danica, start your engines! >> the pole sitter has the choice of taking the high or low position on the front row. patrick elected to stay up high, as the race got started without incident. the first trouble came on lap 32. the leader start to check up and kasey kahne gets tipped from behind by kyle busch. juan pablo montoya among those who got caught up in the chain reaction. harvick and stewart, a couple of the favorites. it's a whole lot of harvick
5:52 pm
right in front, after doing some work on the car himself, stewart actually able to get back on the track. patrick emerged from a restart in the lead. she was the first woman to lead a lap in the race. the veteran jimmie johnson in position to win this event for the second time in his career. the leaders were getting tangled up in another accident, but that didn't bring out the caution flag. they let the leaders race to the finish, where johnson was able to hold off dale earnhardt jr. patrick ended up eighth. johnson, a winner just one year after he was taken out by an accident, after completing just one lap. >> very proud moment. racing has been a little tough on the 48 for the last few years. i feel like the speed our car had in it, i felt like i was
5:53 pm
sitting on something all day and was just ready to have some fun when it counted, and it did. the warriors today embarked on their last long road trip of the year and started out cold as ice in an appropriate place, minneapolis. how cold was it? you can watch a game in your ice fishing hut. jarrett jack gave the warriors some life when he weaved his away through the timberwolves. stephen curry to jack, back to harrison barnes. warriors narrow the gap to three at the half. the warriors didn't get their first lead until they were inside the two-minute mark. it's jack again. jack had 23 points. 96-95, warriors, as they near the one-minute mark. that time curry with a long two. it all came down to this. jack misses. the timberwolves can win if
5:54 pm
they convert. luke ridnour gets off a shot that won't go. the warriors steal one in minnesota, getting their road trip off to a good start. 100-99, golden state. right now golden state is the no. 6 team in the west, a game and a half behind denver. the big news in the nfl is the combine in indianapolis. but there's a report that the 49ers will soon be making bigger news. the 49ers have already agreed to terms by way they will trade quarterback alex smith. the report does not name the team with which the 49ers will trade or what they'll get in return. the new league season doesn't officially begin until march 12, so no new details can be finalized until then. smith is due to make $8.5 million in 2013, including a $1 million roster bonus. still to come, we'll check in on the bay area's pac 12
5:55 pm
women's basketball team. and we'll check in on the giants and a's. we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the cal and stanford women's basketball teams both making strong statements. the 6th ranked bears hosting. the bears started slowly, trailing by 12 at the half, when clarendon passed to brandon, who hit that jumper. it was 2-0. bears laboring to get points. clarendon had 26 but it came down to this. the bears by a bucket. the beavers can tie if the shot goes. but the bears hang on for a win.
5:58 pm
the bears 15-and-1 in the pac 12. 25-and-2 overall. very similar numbers for stanford. chiney ogwumike there. stanford trying to tie cal at the top of the conference. that looks very likely. stanford about to wrap up its 26th straight over oregon. with players about to leave for the world baseball classic, this will be a hard spring to gauge. but the a's have to be happy about one thing about. oakland acquired chris young from the arizona diamondbacks. coco crisp comes around to score. now it's seth smith with a drive to right. matt young is after it. it's a lot of wall rather than the baseball.
5:59 pm
smith had a couple of hits -- rbi's, that is, on the day. the a's won 7-5 behind eight pitchers who saw action. the giants experienced their first loss of the spring. the cubs hit a three-run homer. all four runs charged to matt cain. a challengingly cold weekend in the arizona desert is over. and matt coucher is the champion. he still had to wear his snow attire. coucher and jason day, a fairly routine win for coucher. he takes that match 4-and-3. in the other semifinal match, hunter dominated. mahan moved into the finals with a 4-and-3 win. mahan had not trailed all week, until

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